As a resident of Punta Sayulita, you will also enjoy the Sayulita community whenever you like. This quaint seaside town offers an authentic pueblo setting, complete with cobblestone roads and colorful markets where numerous handcrafted and locally created wares are sold.

Experience the unique taste of Mexico in several open-air cafes and restaurants that offer a casual and friendly atmosphere for both couples and families. Enjoy the flavor and flair of the local cuisine, served up for your palatal pleasures. After a day in the sun, visit a cantina and have a cold beverage.

This area was virtually unknown, a well-kept secret until a few years ago. Today, Sayulita is considered an ideal haven for Huichol Indians, fishermen, artisans, and even surfers, who love to ride the waves that rise and fall against the beaches of Mexico.

Even though Sayulita is quickly gaining popularity, this will remain a small community of private homes. Residents of Punta Sayulita will not experience transportation issues such as traffic jams. There is only one road leading into and away from town, and there are no stop signs to be found in this town. In fact, a ten minute walk from Sayulita will lead you into the jungle.

Even though the area seems untouched by tourism and development, Sayulita offers a variety of experiences and adventures. You will enjoy a broad range of excellent cuisines to choose from and numerous boutiques for your shopping pleasure.

There is no shortage of luxurious homes in this community that are for sale, perfect for couples, small families and large families. Foreigners from all over the world have chosen Punta Sayulita as the perfect home so they can experience the local culture, delectable cuisine and natural beauty of tropical Sayulita, Mexico, whenever they want.