The desire to create a family friendly Mexico community of residential homes in a tropical Oceanside setting has become a reality at Punta Sayulita. By limiting development of the area, the residents of these homes can enjoy a more natural terrain and dramatic views. This peninsula offers spectacular views of both land and sea, including sandy beaches and lush jungle vegetation.

Preserving much of the natural setting during the development of Punta Sayulita also provides a unique opportunity for residents to view the local wildlife including many bird species along the rocky shoreline and within the jungle any time of year. Punta Sayulita is often visited by artistic guests, as the region and its wildlife is often photographed, painted and written about.

To help every resident further experience the outdoors in luxury and comfort, the development of Punta Sayulita is designed to include numerous locations for people to gather and socialize without loss of privacy or security. You will find areas and amenities for grilling and picnicking as well as comfortable outdoor seating while living in this fabulous community.

Inspired by local culture, Punta Sayulita is a natural extension of the quaint village the resort is named after. As good stewards of the land, this family friendly luxury resort was born through conservation of natural resources and responsible development.

The birth of this residential community also led to the formation of the Punta Sayulita Foundation, an organization that operates under voluntary funding to provide support to important initiatives in the area.