Punta Sayulita spans across thirty-three acres on a beautiful peninsula with various elevation levels. The land plan at this family friendly community includes respecting the land, keeping the Punta Sayulita community small, and following green and eco-friendly practices whenever possible to honor the Earth.

During the planning and development phases of Punta Sayulita, the many hilltops were left untouched in an effort to minimize the development’s visual impact and to offer observation opportunities with 360 degree views to be shared by all. Rather than building roadways that would disrupt the natural flow of the terrain, cart paths were implemented, connecting all areas of the Punta Sayulita development.

The residences of Punta Sayulita are nestled neatly into the stunning landscape amid the lush natural vegetation. Rather than fences, topography screens each home for optimum privacy and to avoid obstructions of the panoramic views enjoyed at Punta Sayulita. There is a trail system that runs throughout the Punta Sayulita community to connect the homes, amenities and several points of interest.

The result is a land plan that is low in density, providing respect to the land and the rich local culture. The implementation of this land plan also ensures that Punta Sayulita will continue to offer an impressive variety of man-made and natural amenities for residents, their children, and guests to enjoy.

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